The Misadventure of the Psychic Detective

By Vince Stadon

"Sherlock Holmes?  The so-called 'consulting detective'?  The man belongs in a museum!  Or an Opium House."

Greystone Manor: a house of dark secrets where the halls echo with the whispers of spectral manifestations. At a gathering of psychics, hypochondriacs, Yorkshiremen and other oddballs, an insane killer is at work. As suspicion falls on Dr Watson and his impressive moustache, the physician calls upon the only man in England who can solve the case and clear his name: Mr Sherlock Holmes. But Holmes is nowhere to be found...

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Major References: “The Final Problem”

 Placement: This Misadventure takes place in May, 1895.  In “the Canon”, this places it between “Solitary Cyclist” and “Black Peter”.

Of Singular Interest?

*Why does Watson never see through Holmes’s disguises?

*Did Watson sport a moustache, or was that a detail added by the illustrator Sidney Paget?

*Who was the editor of “Strand Magazine” when the Sherlock Holmes stories first saw print?

*Spiritual matters were of great interest to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who was a member of The Psychical Society. Doyle publicly converted to Spiritualism in 1916, and was soon writing books, letters, articles and pamphlets on his new found belief in messages from the Spirit World.  He travelled extensively, making public speeches on the subject, and in 1925 he opened a Psychic Bookshop, Library and Museum in Victoria Street in London. Doyle struck up a friendship with the American escapologist and stage illusionist Harry Houdini, who shared Doyle's belief in a Spirit World.  

*The rarest books in the world include: A complete first edition of a Gutenberg Bible; a first edition folio of the Complete Shakespeare; collected Leonardo da Vinci manuscripts; the "Bostonian" version of Edgar Alan Poe's "Tamerlane"; and The Book of Goth.

*Constance Foley is named after Mary Foley (Conan Doyle’s mother) and Constance Hornung (Conan Doyle’s sister).

*Inness McGuinness is named after Inness Hay Doyle (Arthur’s brother).

* Sherrinford Scott is named after Conan Doyle's original name for Sherlock Holmes.

* Kelly Hale, named by Gabriel Deacon, is the author of "Erasing Sherlock", one of the most ingenious and absorbing Holmes pastiches.

* Gabriel Deacon literally means "hidden angel".

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