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The Misadventure of the Disobliging Cadaver

By Vince Stadon

"I shall be glad to put you straight on a few things that have predictably eluded you, Lestrade."

On a foggy night in the late spring of 1895, a killer stalks the streets of London, a criminal mastermind hatches a diabolical plan, and a body-snatcher finds himself struggling with a most uncooperative corpse. As Mr Sherlock Holmes races against time to solve the case, a face from the past emerges from the shadows. Has the Great Detective finally met his match? Only Dr Watson knows the answer--but he has other preoccupations. And besides, he hasn't eaten breakfast.

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Major References: “The Final Problem”, “A Scandal in Bohemia”, “Charles Augustus Milverton”

 Placement: This Misadventure takes place in July 1895.  In “the Canon”, this places it between “Black Peter” and “The Bruce Partington Plans”.

Of  Singular Interest?

* What did Holmes really think about Inspector Lestrade?

* How many cases was Holmes investigating at any single time?

* What happened to Watson’s dog?


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