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A catalogue of stabbings, shootings, poisonings, dismemberment and other fatalities

James Parker
Hacked to death with an axe by Mathew Johnson, in a murder sanctioned by Professor Jane Violet Moriarty so that she could pose as a client (named Violet Spedding) seeking help from Sherlock Holmes, in order that she could meet and woo Dr Watson, in a preposterously complex plot to exact revenge upon Holmes for the death of her brother, Professor James Moriarty.
Mrs Norwood
The British Prime Minister's personal secretary. Mrs Norwood was kidnapped by a German Espionage Network headed by Ilsa Reichmann, a top German agent known as "Der Fuchs".  Mrs Norwood was shot to death by Kessler, an impetuous spy, after she had outlived her usefulness.
Jock McDougall
Shot to death by Diogenes Club secret agent William Gillette (disguised as a British Rail guardsman) on the roof of a speeding express steam train (the London-Edinburgh service)
Charles Ignatius “The Impossible Magician”
Shot to death on-stage, in an elaborate murder devised by his assistant Alma Hawkins and rival stage illusionist Silas Palladin.
Edward “Teddy” Strand
Stabbed to death in a guest room at Greystone Manor by Sherrinford Scott, the so-called "’Psychic Detective’
Charles Kingsley
Killed accidentally when he fell to the ground and split his head open during a tussle with his doppelganger, Ned Slater, a criminal associate of Professor Moriarty.
Ned Slater
Assassinated (by unknown means) in a Scotland Yard prison cell by Dyall (posing as a police constable), a professional killer employed by Professor John Moriarty
Professor Jane Violet Moriarty-Watson
Shot to death by Dr Watson at the Reichenbach Falls, Switzerland
Jake Moriarty
Shot to death by Inspector Lestrade at the Reichenbach Falls, Switzerland
Professor John Moriarty
Shot to death by Dr Watson at the Reichenbach Falls, Switzerland

Dr Matthew Watson

Struck in the head with a rock, and then pushed into the river Thames to drown, in an act of murder committed by Jemima Winterton

Dr Reginald Watson

Pushed by Jemima Winterton into the path of a hansom cab and then trampled to death by horses

Dr Miles Watson

Burned to death at his London home in an arson attack perpetuated by Jemima Winterton